WhirlyMate is a closeable ceiling register which allows you to control the flow of heat from a room. During summer, the open vent allows warm air to be drawn from the room. Then, in winter, the vent can be closed to preserve precious heat.

Edmonds Whirly Mate is a specially designed closeable ceiling grille which, when combined with a roof mounted ventilator, can improve the circulation of air within living areas.

In summer the unit can be opened to allow hot air inside a home to escape and in winter it can be closed to retain warmth.


Install an Edmonds Whirly Mate in conjunction with an Edmonds Roof Ventilator to allow direct ventilation of a living space.

Features and Benefits

  • Flexible opening and closing mechanism to control air flow through the unit
  • Fitted with an insect mesh, for added protection
  • Over centering clips for easy installation
  • Adjusting tool, for easy ground level adjustment provided
  • Use in conjunction with Edmonds SupaVent, Windmaster or Maestro for maximum results