The Maestro high performance powered ventilator is a slimline solution with a capacity similar to 2.5 wind powered ventilators. Driven by a highly efficient 12V motor, the Maestro is available in 16 colours.

Edmonds Maestro is a high performance powered ventilator which works to remove unwanted heat from the roof space of a home.

The Maestro’s high efficiency motor enables it to work at the capacity of up to 2.5 wind driven ventilators so it can remove hot humid air from your roof space even on a calm summer day, keeping you comfortable for longer.  It is thermostatically controlled, and only runs when you need it to – saving on its already low running costs.

Built from light weight aluminium, it won’t rust or corrode, giving you peace of mind even in the harshest environments.


For use on tiled and metal residential roofs to efficiently remove hot air or moisture trapped in the roof cavity of a home.

Features and Benefits

  • Exhausts hot trapped air in summer
  • Removes moisture build up in winter
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Minimal energy costs to run
  • Won’t rust or corrode
  • Available in 16 colours
  • Low profile, attractive aerodynamic design
  • Available in a solar powered model