The Edmonds Cathedral Ceiling Vent system relieves heat build-up under raked or cathedral ceilings. The ceiling grille under the TurboBeam roof vent brings fresh air and some natural light into your home.

The Edmonds Cathedral Ceiling Kit is the ideal solution to the problem of heat build up under raked ceilings. The system combines the benefits of an Edmonds Turbobeam vent and a ceiling grille. It removes the hot air from inside your home in summer and excess moisture in winter, exhausting it into the atmosphere to improve comfort and air quality within your home.

Combined with the durability and efficiency of the Turbobeam, the Cathedral Ceiling kit is an effective solution to improving stuffy home environments.


Install in living spaces with cathedral or raked ceilings.

Features and Benefits

  • Exhausts hot, trapped air in your living space in summer
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Won’t rust or corrode