Moisture and humidity in your home not only has the potential to affect your comfort, it can lead to mould and rot that can impact on your health and the structural integrity of your home.

EnviroSeal Roof Sarking
EnviroSeal Roof Sarking combines the benefits of condensation control and reflective thermal insulation, with superior weather protection. Installed under your tiled or metal roof, it provides excellent protection against the elements.


EnviroSeal Wall Wrap
EnviroSeal wall wrap is designed to protect the building frame and internal linings of your home.  It provides a secondary barrier to wind driven rain and dirt during the building process and prevents the transfer of any moisture that may penetrate the external brickwork or cladding of the finished home.


Designed specifically for metal roofs, Bradford Anticon combines Bradford glasswool blanket with an impermeable foil facing, that protects your home from the condensation that can form under metal roofs.


Residential Ventilation
The Edmonds range of ventilation products offers a wide choice of solutions to help remove moisture laden air from areas of your home, such as the attic space, bathrooms, laundries and underfloor areas.