The Edmonds range of home ventilation products work hand-in-hand with insulation and draught control, to create a more comfortable and energy efficient home.

Edmonds roof ventilation helps your insulation work even more effectively, by exhausting the hot air that can build up in your roof space and expelling damp air – to improve air quality and comfort levels all year round. 

The wind-driven models harness natural air-currents, while low voltage powered models can be used where high volumes of air movement are required. 

If you already have ducted air conditioning installed in your ceiling, a ventilator will help it run more cost effectively.

Roof space ventilation

Edmonds Windmaster

This aluminium, wind driven roof ventilator combines classic design, with high tech features, for guaranteed long lasting performance. Available in 26 colours.

Edmonds SupaVent

A compact, high efficiency, UV stabilised polymer roof vent designed to operate effectively in light wind conditions. Available in 16 popular roof colours.

Edmonds TurboBeam

A clear acrylic head provides high efficiency ventilation and allows natural light to enter the roof space – great for attics and sheds!

Edmonds Maestro

The Maestro high performance powered ventilator is a slimline solution, with a capacity similar to 2.5 wind-powered ventilators. Driven by a highly efficient 12V motor, the Maestro is available in 16 colours.

Living room ventilation

Edmonds Vent-A-Room

The Vent-A-Room system draws air from a room within the home and exhausts it directly through a roof-mounted vent. Air movement can be controlled by the adjustable ceiling register.

Edmonds Bathroom Ventilation System

By harnessing the power of the wind, the Bathroom Ventilation system changes the air in an average bathroom approximately five times per hour to remove moist air and odours.

Edmonds Cathedral Ceiling Vent System

The Edmonds Cathedral Ceiling Vent system has been developed specifically to relieve heat build-up under raked or cathedral ceilings. Its ceiling grille is installed below the TurboBeam roof vent to bring fresh air and some natural light into the room.

Edmonds Whirly Mate

Whirly Mate is a closeable ceiling register, which allows you to control the flow of heat from a room. During summer, the open vent allows warm air to be drawn from the room. Then, in winter, the vent can be closed to preserve precious heat.