Designed to reduce noise transfer between rooms in your home, Bradford SoundScreen Plus is installed in internal walls for peace and quiet where you need it most.

Home theatres, energetic teenagers and even ensuites can produce noises that you’d rather not hear around your home. Bradford SoundScreen Plus for interior walls will reduce the volume of sound being transferred between rooms.

With SoundScreen for interior walls, you can create a quieter atmosphere in those rooms you feel most need it – bedrooms, studies, entertainment rooms and bathrooms.

Made from high density rockwool, Bradford SoundScreen has superior sound absorption qualities.


  • Bradford SoundScreenTM installed in interior stud walls forms an added sound barrier to the airborne noise generated within your home.
  • A SoundScreen insulated wall will give an improvement of 6Rw (approximately 6dB) over a non-insulated wall. This equates to a 75% reduction in sound power level.

Where SoundScreen should be installed in your home.

Family StatusCircumstances driving
Soundscreen Inclusion
Recommended areas
for Soundscreen
Living with young children Children playing Between Floors; Kids rooms;
Main bedroom & ensuite; Laundry
Living with teenagers Teenagers playing loud music Bedroom 2&3; Main bedroom & ensuite; Laundry
Living & working from home Running business from home Study; Between floors; Laundry
Living with pets Domestic dogs & cats Between floors; Laundry
Living and renting room/s Adults sharing living quarters All bedrooms; Bathrooms
Living to be entertained Sports/movie fanatics Home Theatre

Features and Benefits

  • Reduces sound power levels by up to 75%
  • Installed in interior walls, it creates quiet zones inside your home
  • Great for bedrooms, home theatres and studies
  • Meets the highest Australian standards
  • Provides effective thermal insulation
  • Fire resistant
  • Low allergen


Stud Size70mm70mm90mm90mm
System Standard SoundScreen Standard SoundScreen
Insulation Nil SoundScreen Plus R1.6 Nil SoundScreen Plus R2.5
Plasterboard 10mm Plasterboard 10mm Plasterboard 10mm Plasterboard 10mm Plasterboard
Sound Absorption Performance Rw 33 39 35 41


ProductR-valueThicknessDimensionsPieces per packm2per packCoverage per pack (m2)
SoundScreen Plus R2.0 for Internal Walls 2.0 75mm 1350 x 430mm 6 3.48 3.87
SoundScreen Plus R2.0 for Internal Walls 2.0 75mm 1350 x 580mm 6 4.7 5.22
SoundScreen Plus R2.5 for Internal Walls 2.5 88mm 1350 x 430mm 5 2.9 3.22
SoundScreen Plus R2.5 for Internal Walls 2.5 88mm 1350 x 580mm 5 3.92 4.35

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