Noise can annoy.  External noise or even the racket your own family makes may cause stress and disrupt the enjoyment of your home. Bradford has a range of insulation products with excellent acoustic properties designed to help soundproof your home.

SoundScreen™ Plus for Internal Walls
Specifically created to reduce noise transfers between rooms in your home, Bradford SoundScreen Plus installed in internal walls helps you create peace and quiet where you need it most.


SoundScreen™ Plus for External Walls
Bradford SoundScreen Plus combines the benefits of thermal insulation with the extra density of rockwool, to provide an insulation that reduces external noise entering your home, as well as keeping you comfortable.


SoundScreen™ Plus for Mid-floors
Noise can easily transfer between the storeys of a home. Including Bradford SoundScreen Plus in between floors can significantly reduce the disturbance from air borne noise within your home


Gold™ Ceiling Batts
Bradford Gold insulation for ceilings is designed to reduce heat transfers through the ceiling of your home, improving your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. Bradford Gold batts are available in R-Values from R2.5 to R6.0.


Gold™ Wall Batts
Bradford Gold insulation for walls and floors is specifically designed to deliver optimum performance in exterior cavity walls and suspended floors. Bradford Gold wall batts are available in R-values from R1.5-R2.0.


Glasswool Partition Batts
Bradford Partition Batts are a lightweight insulation product designed for the acoustic insulation of separating walls in buildings


Designed to dampen airborne aircraft noise and the sound of rain on metal roofs, Acousticon is a specially developed foil faced glasswool blanket that provides optimal acoustic performance, combined with excellent thermal and condensation control.


Pipe Lagging
Piping, particularly waste pipes can contribute to noise in a home. Bradford offer a range of solutions designed to help reduce this disturbance.