QuietStuf Acoustic Insulation

QuietStuf batts are an acoustic insulation designed to significantly reduce noise transfer between walls, ceilings and floors.  Acoustic insulation in your home or work place can help to reduce stress levels and increase your peace of mind.  The products are made from 100% polyester fibre, without the need for any binding agents, resulting in an acoustic product that is durable over time, easy to handle and safe for your health.  As well as providing acoustic insulation, QuietStuf provides excellent thermal insulation, further increasing your comfort levels by either retaining warmth or coolness in your home.

QuietStuf batts should be used in any construction cavity where noise reduction is desired from one side to the other of the cavity.

Where to Use - Examples of areas for sound treatment:

  • Internal Walls    Home Theatre
  • External Walls    Between adjoining bedrooms
  • Ceilings    Laundry
  • Between Floors    Ceilings - Aircraft Noise
  • Between floors in your home (noise transfer from upstairs)
  • External walls to reduce: road noise, mower noise etc

Depending on the wall or construction system QuietStuf batts can decrease noise transfer by up to 8 decibels.  In most cases this will prevent normal television, bathroom or domestic sounds being transmitted through walls.

Code Compliant
QuietStuf products fully comply with the requirements of AS/NZS 4859.1 standard for insulation and the requirements for insulation as per the Building Code of Australia.

Early Fire Hazard Test Results
QuietStuf is a self extinguishing product and conforms to all requirements of the Building Code of Australia as tested to AS1530 Part 3, results as follows:

Ignitability Index (0-20)    0    Heat Evolved Index (0-10)    0
Spread of Flame Index (0-10)    0    Smoke Developed Index (0-10)    3
Tested 15 April 19
98, APL Report 98055

There are no known hazards with the use or handling of Autex polyester insulation materials.  QuietStuf is non-toxic, non-irritant and non-allergenic.

QuietStuf contains a high percentage of previously recycled polyester fibre (from PET plastic) and is completely recyclable at end of life.  QuietStuf is manufactured under Autex's Zero Waste Policy where manufacturing waste is recycled or re-processed into other products.

QuietStuf does not contain a release or formaldehyde or any other VOC's.  QuietStuf polyester fibres are not of a respirable size and will never become a potential airborne pollutant.

QuietStuf does not contain nor produce CFC, HCFC or any other ozone depleting substances or gases.

Fire Results:
QuietStuf is a self extinguishing product and conforms to all the requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA), as tested to AS1530 Part 3, results as follows:

  • Ignitability (index 0-20) 0
  • Spread of Flame (Index 0-10) 0
  • Heat Evolved (Index 0-10) 0
  • Smoke Developed (Index 0-10) 3

QuietStuf insulation will not saf or lose its loft or bulk over time.  This design characteristic ensures full performance is maintained (50+ years durability).  Autex provides a 50 year durability warranty against product failure in normal use situations.

When tested in accordance with NZS4222 QuietStuf insulation is classified as non-corrosive.  The pH of QuietStuf is 7.8 (a pH of 7 is neutral).

QuietStuf insulation is not affected by moisture.  Exposure to an atmosphere of 50oC at 90% relative humidity for four days, shows moisture absorportion by weight of less than 0.03%.  Should the product become wet, full thermal and acoustic performance is restored on drying out.

Organic, long chain synthetic polymer.  Composed of Carbon-Hydrogen Oxygen.

Installation instructions come with all product packs.  Separate installing instructions are avilable on request.

QuietStuf is naturally resistant to insect and vermin attack and does not contain chemical deterrants.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available on request.

Autex Pty ltd is an ISO-9001 certified company.  Autex has strong Quality Assurance procedures and practices.  QuietStuf and Health Wise logos are trademarks of Autex Industries Ltd.  Autex Pty ltd retains the right to change products and specifications without prior notice.