Glasswool SPI

Glasswool SPI is a preformed Sectional Pipe Insulation for use on chilled water and process piping.

Glasswool Sectional Pipe insulation (SPI) is manufactured by spinning molten glass, containing up to 80% recycled content, into fine wool like fibres. These are bonded together using a thermosetting resin and moulded into 1200mm long pipe sections of varying internal diameters and thicknesses. Standard SPI diameters are manufactured to fit over standard piping sections.


Glasswool SPI is used in both commercial and industrial applications for the insulation of piping for heavy industrial plants, building services, heating and cooling water piping etc.

It provides excellent thermal insulation up to a working temperature of 350oC as well as personel protection and energy saving benefits. Glasswool SPI comes in a range of thicknesses that meet the performance requirements as set out by the Building Code of Australia. Typical applications include:

  • Process piping
  • Piping related to HVAC systems

Features and Benefits

  • Single piece and pre-slit for easy installation by one person
  • Product comes 1.2m lengths facilitating faster and more economical installation
  • Range of standard thicknesses to meet BCA Energy requirements
  • Biosoluble material¬† - safe to use
  • Approved for use on site by Unions
  • Up to 80% recycled content reducing burden on our environment
  • If product becomes wet, no loss of properties occur after product is dried out