Fibertex Rockwool SPI

Fibertex Sectional Pipe Insulation (SPI) is preformed moulded rockwool sectional pipe insulation to limit energy loss and provide personnel protection from industrial piping suitable for continuous operation up to 650oC.

Fibertex SPI is a formed rockwool insulation product. It is manufactured by spinning a molten mixture of natural rock and recycled products into fine wool like fibres. The SPI is then rolled into shape and the fibres are bonded together using a thermosetting resin to form the final product. This process ensures the fibre orientation is perpendicular to the heat flow ensuring maximum thermal performance.

Rockwool SPI is available in 1200mm long pipe sections of varying diameters and thicknesses. SPI sections are slit to facilitate easy installation over insitu piping. SPI diameters are manufactured to fit over standard piping sections. The product can be identified by its dark green/brown appearance.


Fibertex SPI is designed for use in applications where operating temperatures do not exceed 650oC such as process temperature control, energy conservation, condensation prevention, acoustic absorption treatment and personnel protection from plant and equipment. Typical applications include piping associated with:

  • boilers
  • heat exchangers
  • reactors
  • ovens
  • kilns
  • autoclaves

Fibertex SPI comes as a single piece which is slit with a "hinge" wich allow it to be opended, ftted around a pipe and  closed ensuring simple and fast install. Banding or wire can be used to hold the SPI piece in place. Weather protective jacketing such as metal cladding may be required to protect the pipe insulation and piping from weather and mechanical damage.

Features and Benefits

  • Highly durable insulation product
  • Designed for use at high temperatures up to 650oC
  • Easily installed over insitu piping by one person
  • Cost effective thermal insulation
  • Performance is not adversely effected from contact with water
  • Non combustible
  • Low chloride content resulting in less corrosion of insulated steel process piping
  • Biosoluble safe to use product
  • Made from up to 40% recycled material