Fibretex Granulated CR Fibretex Rockwool CR is recommended for use as a loose fill packing around process equipment in industrial applications particularly in cryogenic applications. Fibretex Rockwool Granulated CR is a highly durable loose un-bonded insulation product with low oil content designed specifically for cryogenic applications. It is manufactured by spinning a molten mixture of natural rock and recycled products into fine wool like fibres which are then milled to form granules.The product can be identified by its light brown appearance. Applications Fibertex Granulated CR is designed for the insulation of small hard to access places or fill around existing insitu insulation in cryogenic applications. It is specially formulated with a low oil content for applications such as oxygen plants. It is also ideally suited for packing into irregularly shaped openings, or pouring into areas with difficult access. It can be used in applications with service temperature up to 450oC. Typical applications include: Around process fittings such as valves, reducers etc Features and Benefits Highly durable insulation product Low oil content for cryogenic applications Able to be used at high temperatures Easily installed in difficult applications (simply pours and packs into required space) Comes in 12.5 kg bags that can be easily and safely installed by one person Cost effective thermal insulation Performance is not adversely effected from contact with water Non combustible Low chloride content resulting in less corrosion of insulated steel process piping Biosoluble safe to use product Made from up to 40% recycled content Specifications Product is supplied in 12.5 kg bags.