Fibremesh 450 Pipewrap

Fibremesh 450 pipewrap is a speciality pipe wrap product for use on larger bore piping. It is a medium duty thermal and acoustic insulation suitable for continuous operation up to 450oC.

Fibremesh 450 Rockwool Pipewrap is an economical high density insulation product stitched on one side with a 25mm galvanised or stainless steel wire mesh. The rockwool blanket is manufactured by spinning a molten mixture of natural rock and recycled products into fine wool like fibres which are bonded together using a thermosetting resin. The mesh is then stitched to the base blanket to form the final product. The product can be identified by its dark green/brown appearance. It easily wraps around pipes or larger process fittings and can be identified by its dark green/brown appearance.


Fibremesh 450 Pipewrap can be used in applications where operating temperatures do not exceed 450oC such as process temperature control, energy conservation, condensation prevention, acoustic absorption treatment and personnel protection for plant and equipment. The Mesh facing provides additional strength and flexibility allowing the product to form and hold form around piping. Fibremesh 450 Pipewrap is particularly economical around large bore piping.

Typical applications include pipework associated with:

  • boilers
  • heat exchangers
  • reactors
  • ovens
  • kilns
  • autoclaves
  • large diameter piping.

Fibremesh 450 Pipewrap is easily installed by wrapping around the pipe and lacing the ends of the mesh together with 0.6mm galvanised wire. On vertical pipes, the circumferential joints should also be laced.

Features and Benefits

  • Highly durable insulation product
  • Facilitates forming and holds shape of large bore piping to be insulated
  • Easily installed by one person
  • Suitable for a wide range of pipe diameters reducing wastage, lead time and the requirement to stock multiple sizes
  • Does not need other means of fixings (bands, seals)
  • Suitable for use at  temperatures up to 450oC
  • Cost effective thermal insulation
  • Performance is not adversely effected by contact with water
  • Non combustible
  • Low chloride content resulting in less corrosion of insulated steel process equipment
  • Biosoluble safe to use product
  • Made from up to 40% recycled content


Pieces per
Nominal m2
per pack
Nominal weight
per piece(kg)
Nominal weight
per pack (kg)
25 3600 750 2 5.4 5.4 10.8
38 3600 750 1 2.7 8.2 8.2
50 3600 750 1 2.7 10.8 10.8
63 3600 750 1 2.7 13.6 13.6
75 3600 750 1 2.7 16.2 16.2
88 2400 750 1 1.8 12.7 12.7
100 2400 750 1 1.8 14.4 14.4