Bradford ThermoplastTM Decorative Foil is an ideal decorative membrane with white surface on one side for sporting complexes, commercial roofing and warehouse type retailers where a decorative finish is required. This foil has a green anti-glare coating on the foil surface to reduce glare. 

Bradford ThermoplastTM Decorative Foil is a medium duty foil reflective laminate consisting of aluminium foil and kraft paper bonded to a white coated aluminium foil with flame retardent adhesive, with additional strength provided by fibreglass yarn in a tri-directional pattern. The white surface provides a decorative surface with good light diffusion and reflective properties. Thermoplast Decorative Foil has a green anti-glare coating on the foil surface to eliminate glare during installation.


Bradford ThermoplastTM Decorative Foil is a medium duty foil  used for decorative facing where finish is important.  It is also used as a carrier sheet for bulk insulation.  Typical applications of Thermoplast are for decorative purposes on exposed roof and wall linings, such as basketball stadiums, gymnasiums and bulk warehouse retailers.

Additionally, installation of Thermoplast will add to the overall thermal performance of the domestic, industrial and commercial buildings when a clear airspace of at least 20mm or more is provided at the reflective side of the foil face.

Other applications include environments that require lighting characteristics and aesthetic appeal. Due to colour variations in raw materials colour match between batches cannot be guaranteed.

Features and Benefits

  • Highly durable and easy to handle on large commercial sites
  • Excellent and cost effective thermal insulation
  • Provides ongoing physical protection against the elements
  • Reduces temperature variations and condensations inside the offices, warehouses and gymnasiums
  • Increases energy efficiency
  • Uniform decorative membrane with excellent light diffusing properties for indoor stadiums, gymnasiums and warehouses


M2 per
Roll weight
Rolls Per Pallet
1350 60 81 32 25