Bradford offers a range of products that can be used to face bulk insulation to enhance their thermal and acoustic performance. These can also be used to protect the insulation from mechanical damage and provide an aesthetic finish.

  • Thermofoil™ Light Duty Foil (729)

    Bradford ThermofoilTM Light Duty Foil is an economical grade reflective foil, specifically designed for facing of bulk insulation under metal deck roofing to act as a vapour barrier and protect against condensation.

  • Thermofoil™ Medium Duty Foil (730)

    Bradford ThermofoilTM Medium Duty Foil is a tough medium duty facing for bulk insulation used in roofing and cladding of residential and commercial buildings. This foil is also used as an external facing for duct wrap applications in the air conditioning industry.

  • Thermofoil™ Heavy Duty Foil (750)

    Bradford ThermofoilTM Heavy Duty Foil is a premium strength, heavy duty plain foil often adhered to Glasswool and Rockwool bulk insulation to satisfy the requirements of air conditioning industry to externally wrap ductwork, vessels and (SPI) sectional pipe insulation.

  • Thermofoil™ Heavy Duty Perforated (750P)

    Bradford ThermofoilTM Heavy Duty Perforated Foil is an excellent high strength acoustic facing for Glasswool and Rockwool when used as a facing for internal lagging of air conditioning duct work.


  • Thermoplast™ Decorative Foil (990)

    Typically used for sporting complexes and commercial roofing, Bradford ThermoplastDecorative Facing foil has a white surface on one side making it an ideal facing membrane where a decorative finish and good light diffusion and reflective properties are required.

  • Thermoplast™ Decorative Perforated Facing Foil (990P)

    Bradford ThermoplastTM Decorative Perforated Facing foil is a perforated foil with white surface on one side combined with the perforated finish making this an ideal facing for bulk insulation where it is exposed and acoustics properties are important.