Bradford ThermoplastTM Decorative Perforated Facing foil is a perforated foil with white surface on one side combined with the perforated finish making this an ideal facing for bulk insulation where it is exposed and acoustics properties are important. 

Bradford Thermoplast™ Decorative Perforated Facing Foil is a medium duty reflective laminate consisting of aluminium foil and kraft paper bonded to a white coated aluminium foil with flame retardant adhesive, with additional strength provided by fibre glass yarn in tri-directional pattern.


Bradford ThermoplastTM Decorative Perforated Facing Foil is a facing material suitable for adhesion to Glasswool or Rockwool insulation products where protection of the insulation surface is required whilst maintaining sound absorptive properties of the bulk insulation.

Typical applications for Thermoplast Decorative Perforated Facing Foil include; facing onto Glasswool and FibertexTM  for sound absorptive blankets and panels used in plant rooms, factories or sports stadium. The perforated foil protects the insulation whilst giving a bright smooth foil aesthetic functional finish.

Features and Benefits

  • Highly durable and easy to handle medium duty perforated foil for acoustic applications
  • Excellent facing for Glasswool and FibertexTM Rockwool insulation
  • Cost effective facing of bulk insulation for acoustic treatment of sports complexes, plant rooms, commercial studios and factories.


M2 per
Rolls per 
1350 500 675