Thermofoil™ Heavy Duty Perforated (750P)

ThermofoilTM Heavy Duty Perforated Foil is an excellent high strength acoustic facing for Glasswool and Rockwool when used as a facing for internal lagging of air conditioning duct work.

ThermofoilTM Heavy Duty Perforated Foil is a heavy duty perforated aluminium foil often used for facing Glasswool or Rockwool bulk insulation. It consists of two layers of aluminium foil and paper laminate, bonded with a flame retardent adhesive and reinforced with 26GSM fibreglass scrim in a tri-directional pattern to provide high strength and serviceability.

Perforations on this product are 2.4mm in diameter giving a total open area of 10%  providing acoustic treatment of walls and ceilings and can be used in combination with a Glasswool blanket as facing for internal lagging of air conditioning duct work.


ThermofoilTM Heavy Duty Perforated Foil is a facing material suitable for adhesion to Glasswool or Rockwool insulation products where protection of the insulated surafce is required whilst maintaining sound absorptive properties of the bulk insulation.

Typical applications for ThermofoilTM Heavy Duty Perforated foil include; facing onto Glasswool and FibertexTM air-conditioning internal ductliners and for sound absorptive blankets and panels used in plant rooms, factories or sports stadium.

Perforated foil protects the insulation whilst giving a bright smooth foil aesthetic functional use.

Note: Perforated foil can be ordered with black antiglare coating , which may be subject to minimum order requirements.

Features and Benefits

* Extra weight and heavy duty perforated foil for acoustic applications
* Excellent facing for Glasswool and FibertexTM Rockwool insulation
* Cost effective facing of bulk insulation for acoustic treatment of industrial and commercial equipments
* Used as a effective facing for acoustic insulation in plant rooms, commercial studios, factories and sports stadium


M2 per
Rolls per 
1200 60 72 25
1200 300 360 -
1200 500 600 -
1350 60 81 25
1350 300 405 -
1350 300 450 -
1350 500 750 -