Thermofoil™ Heavy Duty Foil (750)

ThermofoilTM Heavy Duty Foil is a premium strength, heavy duty plain foil often adhered to Glasswool and Rockwool bulk insulation to satisfy the requirements of air conditioning industry to externally wrap ductwork, vessels and (SPI) sectional pipe insulation.

Thermofoil Heavy Duty Foil is a heavy duty plain aluminium foil often used for facing Glasswool and Rockwool bulk insulation. It consists of two layers of aluminium foil and paper laminate, bonded with a flame adhesive and reinforced with 26GSM fibreglass woven in a tri-directional pattern to provide high strength and serviceability.

ThermofoilTM Heavy Duty acts as a waterproof sarking when installed beneath the primary roofing material, providing a barrier against moisture, wind, heat, and dust penetration. Thermofoil's intergral thermal insulation properties also contribute to keeping homes warmer in winter and cooler in summer. 

Additionally, installation of Thermofoil Heavy Duty sarking will add to the overall thermal performance of the domestic, industrial and commercial buildings, cold stores and cool rooms when a clear airspace of at least 20mm or more is provided at the reflective side of the foil face. It improves light diffusion and utilisation when used as an exposed internal roof lining.

Due to its unique construction, Thermofoil Heavy Duty has a low water vapour transmission rate making it an excellent vapour barrier for facing bulk insulation and SPI pipe sections. An ideal reflective facing for Glasswool and FibertexTM Rockwool, Thermofoil Heavy Duty is suitable for applications where high tensile strength and impact resistance is required.

Features and Benefits

  • Extra weight, highly durable and easy to handle on large commercial sites
  • Excellent facing carrier for bulk insulation of Glasswool and FibertexTM Rockwool   Excellent and cost effective thermal insulation
  • Provides ongoing physical protection against the elements
  • Reduces temperature variations and condensations inside the office, warehouse or your home
  • Improves comfort by weatherising your office, warehouse or your home, minimising your greenhouse gas emissions
  • Increases energy efficiency;
  • Ideally suited as a heavy duty facing of insulation material for industrial equipment, pipe sections and air conditioning ductwork


M2 per
Rolls per 
750 300 225 -
1000 60 60 25
1000 300 300 -
1200 60 72 25
1200 300 360 -
1350 60 81 25
1350 300 405 -
1500 500 750 -