Edmonds ecopower® ventilators are the worlds first true hybrid ventilators that will work in all conditions, even when there is no wind. They provide peak performance, using less energy than an average incandescent light globe.

Edmonds ecopower® is the next generation in reliable, high performance, energy efficient ventilation. This Australian patented invention combines German electronic commutating (EC) motor technology with Edmonds’ world renowned Hurricane ventilator design. The motor is mounted in a direct drive configuration, with the bearing system of the motor becoming the bearing for the turbine. This radical design concept allows the ventilator to be driven by wind only, or by wind and electric power simultaneously.


An on-demand ventilator not dependent on the vagaries of the wind for use on all buildings where fumes or heat need to be exhausted at specific times or under varying circumstances.

Features and Benefits

  • Can be controlled by any digital measure; e.g. temperature, time, wind speed, humidity, gas concentration etc.
  • Has no fan and motor assembly in the throat allowing flow rates to be increased by around 40% in wind driven mode
  • Has low noise levels, less than 40dB(A) at 3m, which means very quiet operation
  • Weighs less than 19kg allowing easier installation, no substantial structural modification, and can be handled by one person;
  • Uses single phase power, which means no significant electrical rework or new power supply.

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ProductStandard Size (mm)
Ecopower 400
Ecopower 600
Ecopower (coloured) 400
Ecopower (coloured) 600