Fireseal Loose

Fireseal Loose is a specially designed insulation for fire protection of small voids where linings are to provide fire resistance.

Fireseal Loose is an insulation material specifically  formulated to provide fire protection. It is manufactured by spinning a molten mixture of natural rock and recycled blast furnace waste products into fibres. The product is un-bonded to enable convenient installation. The product has remarkable resistance to shrinkage at temperatures encountered in fire conditions. This stability is well beyond that of normal rockwool or fibreglass materials. The product can be identified by its dark brown appearance.


Fireseal Loose provides a convenient low cost ‘plugging’ for filling gaps in fire protective walls and floors where penetrations are necessary for ductwork and other services. It is especially useful for irregularly shaped penetrations.

Features and Benefits

  • Highly durable insulation product
  • Excellent resistance to shrinkage at high temperatures encountered in fire conditions
  • Can be easily installed into cavities and holes where full pieces may not be practically installed
  • Cost effective fire insulation
  • Performance is not adversely effected by contact with water
  • Non combustible
  • Biosoluble safe to use product
  • Made from up to 40% recycled material


Product is supplied in 12.5 kg bags.