QuietelTM is a high density acoustic insulation that exhibits high resistance to compressive loads and can be used in highly trafficked area.

QuietelTM is  a high density, rigid insulation manufactured by spinning  molten glass, containing up to 80% recycled content, into fine wool like fibres. These are bonded together using a thermosetting resin. The product can be identified by its golden appearance. 


QuietelTM is an ultra high density glasswool product. It is an excellent acoustic insulator for both sound transmission and absorption while providing excellent thermal resistance.  QuietelTM also has superior compressive resistance for use in trafficable areas.
Applications incude:

  • Under floating floors
  • Specialised acoustic applications

Features and Benefits

  • Ultra high compressive strength for trafficable areas
  • Resists damage
  • Maximum acoustic performance at minimal thickness
  • Biosoluble material  - safe to use
  • Approved for use on site by Unions


Nominal Thickness (mm)Nominal
Length (m)
Nominal Width (mm)Pieces per packNominal
Coverage per piece (m2)
Coverage per pack (m2)
Nominal Piece Weight (kg)Nominal Pack Weight (kg)
13 2.4 600 8 1.4 11.5 2.4 19.5
25 2.4 1200 2 2.9 5.8 9.4 18.7