The Australian leader in industrial ventilation. The Hurricane vent has a vertical vane design, which considerably increases its exhaust capacity over traditional spherical vane vent designs of the same throat diameter. 

The Edmonds range of Hurricane ventilators are constructed from corrosion resistant aluminium and feature a Tandaco pre-packaged double row bearing system, for optimum performance in a wide range of conditions. 

Hurricane ventilation systems are designed to ensure your building will have the best ventilation performance, with the right air exchange rates.

Hurricane ventilators have been performance tested to Australian Standard 4740 (Performance of Natural Ventilators) to determine flow rate capacities.  They have also been wind load tested to 195km/h and tested for rain penetration to Australian Standard 2428.1.


For use on commercial buildings, where a well designed building ventilation system will contribute to improved productivity and a safer work environment. Adequate ventilation means stale, polluted or uncomfortably hot air is exchanged with fresh, external air, improving the quality and comfort of the internal environment for building occupants.  It can also help reduce energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions. CSR Edmonds offers a design service to help ensure the right size/number/type of vents are specified, according to AS4740.

Features and Benefits

  • Tested to AS4740
  • Specifically designed for commercial/ industrial applications
  • Lightweight construction
  • Higher flow coefficients than comparable size spherical vents.
  • Extensive range of products
  • Available in high corrosion resistance version
  • Available in product suited for smoke release applications
  • Matching accessories
  • Manual and Electric dampers available
  • Short lead times on standard products
  • 15 year warranty


Available in throat widths from 100mm - 900mm.