Fireseal Party Wall Batt

Fireseal Party Wall Batt an insulation material specially formulated to provide fire protection in party walls.

Fireseal Party Wall Batt an insulation material specially formulated to provide fire protection. It is manufactured by spinning a molten mixture of natural rock and recycled blast furnace waste products into fibres which are bonded with a thermosetting resin. The product has remarkable resistance to shrinkage at temperatures encountered in fire conditions. This stability is well beyond that of normal rockwool or fibreglass materials. The product can be identified by its dark brown appearance.


Fireseal Party Wall Batt is designed for installation between the top of a fire resistance level (FRL) party wall and the roofing membrane. Its purpose is to meet the requirements, for fire resistance between adjacent tenancies, as set out in building codes and ordinances. The product can also be used as fireseal between the edge of a floor slab and the façade of a building

A single layer of Fireseal Party Wall Batt is prefered however multiple layers may be stacked neatly and installed as a single unit. Fireseal Party Wall Batts may be stacked to fill cavities up to 255mm in height.  One Stop Insulation Shop does not recommend more than 3 layers to be stacked without adequate support and any vertical joints i should be staggered. The Fireseal Party Wall Batts’ original height must be compressed by a min. of 15% in height and. When a batt is required to be extended in length, a Vee profile cut shall be made to both ends of each batt so to provide a butt joint.  Batt lengths are to be cut so to provide a tight fit in the construction gaps opening width. They must be fitted tightly and accurately, following the profile of the gap.

Features and Benefits

  • Highly durable insulation product
  • Excellent resistance to shrinkage at high temperatures encountered in fire conditions
  • Easily fits into standard party wall applications
  • Easily cut and formed to fit into tight applications
  • Cost effective fire insulation
  • Performance is not adversely effected by contact with water
  • Non combustible
  • Biosoluble safe to use product
  • Made from up to 40% recycled material